Summer days driftin’ away….

Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights! 

What better season to talk about the birds and the bees while all that summer love is spreading.  Don’t get shy or awkward, grab a copy of Bella (OUT SOON!!) so we can help bring you the facts and age appropriate articles that help promote discussion about the difficult navigation of….. boys and relationships.

Read about the reality of what it’s like to have a teen pregnancy, or the increasing trend of Sexting.  Bella blows the lid off the dangers behind the cute little bunny ears plus plenty of thought provoking reads on all things chirping and buzzing.

Summer Bella has our usual features, including a wonderful Vintage Swimwear fashion shoot, Bella Man, this seasons writing competition (NOT to be missed), quizzes and heaps more!

Bella  is available throughout selected news-agencies and nationally via subscriptions.

Subscription forms are available here or if you prefer to do your shopping online visit our shop here.


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  1. When does the writing competition close cause i entered a peice on the 12th of febuary 2013 could i still win?

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