How to dress….. a salad!

What do you get when you mix pork, some special sauces, and yummy salad ingredients?

Chinese Red Roast Pork with Crunch Asian Salad of course!

One of the reasons why we love Spring is the return of the salad…. the weather is warmer, so no need to fill your belly with hearty soups.  Give your tastebuds a taste of an Asian salad!  Combined with Chinese Red Roast Pork this makes the perfect meal to make for your friends on the weekend or a special dinner to celebrate Spring!

Bella Spring is a special fashion edition so not only can you learn how to dress a salad but you can discover how to mix together a new spring collection from our fantastic fashion shoots and special articles.

If you want to know just exactly what all the secret herbs and spices are (well… secret sauces anyway) for this delicious Salad, then you need to get your hands onto a copy of the latest Bella!

Or, if you just want to see our special photo shoots from Fanciful Form Wear to Funky Street Threads…. you can!

Bella  is available throughout selected newsagenices and nationally via subscriptions.

Subscription forms are available here or order online here.


Bella Food is sponsored by Raw Sugar.





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