Passion for Fashion?

Winter is soooo last season!

Time to put away your winter woollies and spring into spring!

In Bella Spring, we celebrate all that is fashion!  We style it up with our sisters in New Zealand, get excited about formal fashion and makeup… plus heaps more.

Read from a model’s perspective about the pressures of the fashion industry and also how two amazing Aussie girls are making it big in the design world of London!   “Killer Jeans” may mean jeans that look cool… but read in Bella Spring how a part of the jean industry is taking it to a whole new level.

In this edition we launch our Model Search (with a difference) competition as well as our usual features of “The Family Guys”, Bella food, Bella finance and Bella Picks!  So much to choose from… Bella Spring is so full it’s bursting at the seams!

So, shake of the winter closet blues and begin a new fashion, spring with Bella!

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