Don’t Hibernate!

The temperature outside is dropping… so come and get cosy with Winter Bella!

Warm up with a delicious recipe for an Eskimo Snow Hot Chocolate!  You can sip this while reading your latest edition chock-a-block filled with articles that will help you brave the cold!

In Bella Winter you can read about a real life cowgirl and discover a world that we city slickers have never experienced!  Learn about Fair Trade from our Bella Writing competition winner, Erin Carnarvan, in her first feature article.  Hear from our Bella Man about what truly makes girls attractive and be challenged and inspired by a photographer’s journey into the world of the brazen and beautiful.  So, don’t go into hiding and grow your woolly coat!  Get out there, grab a copy of Winter Bella and sparkle in the winter frost!

Bella  is available throughout selected newsagenices and nationally via subscriptions.

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