Crafty Goodness!

The countdown is on until you can get your hands on a Bella Autumn 2012!  This edition tackles important issues like surviving school, human trafficking, dealing with an identity crisis, self harm and being healthy versus being skinny.  You won’t want to miss these great articles that will inspire, encourage and challenge you.

We also like to bring a sense of fun and creativity into your life!  Now that the evenings are getting a little cooler, you may have more time indoors to do some cool and arty DIY!  Bella Autumn is packed with ideas on how to spend some of those autumn nights.  One of them is how to give yourself a “Fabric Nail Manicure”!  What? A fabric nail manicure you ask?  Well….  you will get step by step instructions on how you can achieve a really funky and unique look that expresses your individuality!

We love the idea of doing something a little out of the ordinary and love this look!

So, do yourself (and your nails) a favour and make sure you grab a copy of Bella Autumn!

Bella  is available throughout selected newsagenices and nationally via subscriptions.

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