Bella Spring Edition 2011 is printed and soon to be released!  We are so excited to bring you this edition of Bella… the best one yet. Spring is all about new beginnings and we want young ladies and women everywhere to be inspired and empowered to spring clean their lives!  Cast off the expectation of perfection, size 0 and what other magazines tell us how we should act…. that’s soooo last season!  Dress yourself with positivity and Bella.  In this edition we give you the chance to win a formal package worth over $1200..  sure to help you become the “Bell” of the ball!  Read how 2 girls made 1 dream a reality and from our “Guys Perspective” this edition we discuss Spring Flings.  Filled with fashion, fun and inspiration… this edition is sure to help you shake of the shackles of winter and spring into spring!